Stealthcom Labs BG is the development arm of Stealthcom U.S.A. Located in the Silicon Valley of the Balkans, Stealthcom Labs is engaged in bringing to completion our ambitious project, Stealthcom Secure: a next generation of secure consumer, professional, and corporate communications tools.

Current Employment Opportunities


So what does Stealthcom do?

We focus on three core areas: Secure communications, Data transfer, and Secure Smart phone devices designed for both the consumer and the corporate arena. Our products are focused in protecting the individual and corporate personnel rights to secure communications and data receive, sent, processed and transferred through their mobile devices as our core areas. Our services are focused on helping our customers move from complexity to clarity.

At Stealthcom, we bridge the gap between what our customers think they can do and what they aspire to achieve.


Our culture is shaped by a commitment to our Core Values:


  1. Integrity: We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

  2. Customer Mission Success: Customer mission success drives our daily efforts—we strive always to exceed customer expectations and focus on mission success beyond contractual commitments.

  3. Employee Focus: We value our employees and demonstrate our commitment to them by providing clear communications, outstanding benefits, career development, and opportunities to work on problems and technical challenges of national significance.

  4. Innovation: We believe that innovation is critical to our success – that discovering new and more effective ways to achieve customer mission success is what makes us a great company.